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1. Constant colour building film
Uniform color, imported inorganic dyes, overcome the shortcomings of easy oxidation of aluminium plating, not easy to fade;
After aging test in laboratory, fading can be guaranteed for more than five years.
Good construction, anti-ultraviolet 99%

2. Constant colour Carbon Films
Using inorganic carbon black dye, fading can be guaranteed for 10 years.
Nickel-chromium magnetron control, self-contained thermal insulation, ultra-low reflectivity, to solve traffic violations;
Anti-oxidation, super high definition shrinkage base material, shorten construction time, anti-ultraviolet 99%.

3. Transparent Safety Film
The conventional thickness of safety explosion-proof film is 2MIL, 4MIL, 8MIL and 12MIL. It has the following characteristics:
Prevent the potential splash hazard of glass self-exploding everywhere;
The impact load can be reduced due to the strong wind pressure and strong bonding force against natural disasters.
Prevent accidents, theft and smash injury, increase glass stability, reduce injury;
With high permeability and high definition, the thickness and peeling strength can be customized according to the requirements. The explosion-proof film on the heavy curtain wall can withstand 2000Pa wind pressure.

4. High Insulation Skin Care Film

No blue light, no blue.
Ultra-high definition never foggy, using constant color technology, color retention lasting;
Ultraviolet radiation 100%, thermal insulation rate above 90%.

5. Double Silver Film
12-layer magnetron sputtering, rich in gold, silver, titanium and other precious space metals;
The thickness of 2MIL and 3MIL can be chosen arbitrarily, with wire, no reflection, anti-oxidation, shrinkage on all sides, good construction; It has super corrosion resistance, 99.9% ultraviolet barrier, SPF285+, super UV resistance.super infrared barrier, can pass any second killer.

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